Copper Phosphorous Alloys

MAS has an extensive stock of Copper Phosphorous brazing alloys, with silver content ranging from 0-15 percent, enabling us to offer our customers an “off the shelf” service for delivery to each customer’s requirements.

MAS has a stock range of Copper Phosphorus alloys which consists of alloys being, with and without Silver. Their outstanding feature is their ability to braze copper in air without the use of fluxes since, due to the presence of Phosphorus, these alloys have self-fluxing properties when brazing copper to copper. These characteristics are improved by the addition of Silver.

These alloys however are unsuitable for brazing Nickel, Nickel-based alloys, ferrous metals and copper alloys containing Nickel and Iron. The brazed joints will become inherently brittle due to the formation of inter-metallic compounds. Lower grade phosphorous alloys are recommended for when optimal mechanical strength or resistance to a vibration is required.

All products are manufactured using virgin metal, therefore meeting the necessary new international standard ISO 17672. MAS still highly recommend that there are good levels of ventilation when in use, this limiting the chances of a build up of fumes from the brazing process.

Data sheets for all the above are available when necessary.

Copper Phosphorous Rods

MAS Flux

Brazing Rings

Silver Brazing Foil

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  • Sifbronze electrodes Filler Wire & Fluxes
  • Precision Engineering Components
  • MMA, MIG, TIG & Plasma Welding Equipment
  • Machines- New & Used
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  • Protective Clothing
  • Silver Brazing Alloys 20-56%
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  • Copper- Phosphorous Alloys 0-16% Silver
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