Soft Solder

MAS soft solder is manufactured from a grade of solder alloy with purity levels far exceeding the requirements of all national and international standards. All of MAS’s soft solder wires are High Purity Solder Alloys, using the finest virgin materials available world-wide.

Soft soldering is typically used when working in electronics, plumbing, or the assembly of sheet metal parts.
We sell our soft solders as followed in the table below:

Soft Solder Fluxes

MAS also supply the relevant fluxes for the above products

Silver Brazing Rods

Brazing Rings

MAS Flux

Copper Phosphorous Rods

Silver Brazing Foil

  • Bohler Welding electrodes & Filler Wires
  • Sifbronze electrodes Filler Wire & Fluxes
  • Precision Engineering Components
  • MMA, MIG, TIG & Plasma Welding Equipment
  • Machines- New & Used
  • Hire, Service & Calibration
  • Protective Clothing
  • Silver Brazing Alloys 20-56%
  • Silver Foil
  • Silver Rings
  • Silver Solder
  • Fluxes, Pastes & Powders
  • Copper- Phosphorous Alloys 0-16% Silver
  • Tungsten Tips

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